Art Students League of New York on Painting: Lessons and Meditations on Mediums, Styles and Methods
by James Lancel McElhinney.  Berkeley, CA: Random House, November 2015.

This modern painting guide is a sourcebook for study, teaching, professional practice, and personal enrichment written and edited by league instructor and artist James L. McElhinney in cooperation with the Art Students League of New York, America’s signature art school, run by artists for artists. Founded in 1875, the Art Students League of New York has nurtured students like Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keefe. Richly illustrated with artwork from the League’s considerable archives, its instructors, and its students, the book will be a source of inspiration and enrichment for painters of all levels.







Mapping & Mobility: The Sketchbook Art of James Lancel McElhinney, Volume 1.
Essay by Dr. Katherine E. Manthorne.

by James Lancel McElhinney. New York: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013.

James Lancel McElhinney is an artist who revels in the performance and energy of creation. Pencil and brush to paper, on site, in spontaneous response to both the environment and impression that it imparts. He challenges the status quo. The sketchbook is the work of art not a preliminary to it.


The Visual Language of Drawing: Lessons on the Art of Seeing
by James Lancel McElhinney & Instructors of the Arts Students League of New York. New York: Sterling, 2012.

Featuring the insights of 15 current and former Art Students League instructors, this stunning volume reassesses the art of drawing not as a technique, but as the essential grammar of all visual thinking. In an illuminating introductory essay, James Lancel McElhinney punctures the myth that learning to draw is something for experts only, and presents methods for making, appreciating, and teaching drawing. The 15 contributors then offer a broad range of stylistic approaches and methodologies, accompanied by examples of their own and their students’ artwork. A final section of basic exercises, along with information on materials, techniques, and resources, completes this inspirational study.


Classical Life Drawing Studio: Lessons & Teachings in the Art of Figure Drawing
by James Lancel McElhinney, Will Barnet (Foreword by), & Instructors of the Arts Students League of New York. New York: Sterling, 2010.

Classical drawing is staging a comeback. The Art Students League of New York presents a unique and perfect celebration of this revival: a gallery of never-before-published 19th- and 20th-century drawings and invaluable insights from the League’s figurative drawing teachers along, with exemplary works by them and their select students. With a foreword by celebrated artist Will Barnet, this collection is the ultimate volume on the art of drawing.